Customized your bags' designs based on your needs and preference.

Customized leatherettes

Personalized Party Flags

You don't need to come out to have something personalized for your party, just message us and we can do it all for you.

Themed Loot bags

Children's Party made easy for you. Just pick the theme and will make everything ready for you.

Personal Stamp

Would you want to have a personalzed rubber stamp? We can make them for you. You can even have a rubberized stamp made for christimas

wooden educational toys

Thank you so much for providing us with our paw patrol party materials for our birthday boy. He is so happy with the toys that comes with all these.

Happy MoM

Never can be made wrong purchasing here at customate. We got our personalized leather wallets and keychains from the store.

Leather Pal

Being an only store that has everything a busy mother needs during this pandemic is really something.

Busy Working Mom

Thank you so much for supporting us at times like this. Having a newborn and buying the needed items will be very hard for us if you are not there.

MOM Newbie