CS90 Mini Dehumidifier

CS90 Mini Dehumidifier

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Deerma Electric Air Dehumidifier Smart Mini Recyclable Air Dryer Drying Dehumidifier Moisture Absorbers For Home Office



The high moisture levels can lead to growth of mold and mildew which can damage your health and your belongings, and the Deerma Electric Air Dehumidifier is designed for improving the humid atmosphere, built-in ceramic PTC heating plate, 600g desiccant particle to absorb the moisture, perfect for multiple house area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, etc.



- Ceramic PTC heating plate, good thermal conductivity, fast drying air and remove moisture.

- 600g desiccant particle, mini Size but good performance.

- ABS material, stable base, many of holes for improving moisture absorbing.   

- Simple structure and rounded design, a beautiful art on your home.  

- Visible drying condition, orange particle - normal use, and green particle - heating & drying.

- Perfect for multiple house area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, etc. 


-No Consumables

Recyclable dehumidification without consumables, environmental protection

-360Comprehensive Moisture Absorption

360 comprehensive moisture absorption, wet and dry visualization window, suitable for multiple spaces

-PTC Heating Drying

Recyclable, PTC heating and drying

- Long Lasting Moisture Absorption

600g large-capacity dehumidification particles, only need to heat and dry for 12-15h, it can last 2-3 weeks all-weather moisture absorption

- Wet & Dry Visualization Window

Transparent visualization window, dry and wet state at a glance, magic moisture absorption beads can automatically change color when wet, orange beads absorb water and change dark green

-Multi-space Application

Deerma Mini Dehumidifier uses a cylindrical body, dense dehumidification hole 360  large area around the fuselage, increasing the moisture absorption area, 385m2 wide range improves the efficiency of moisture absorption


Specification :


Brand: Deerma 

Model: DEM-CS90M

Material: ABS Flame Retardant Material

Color: White 

Weight: 800g

Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 20.6 cm / 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.11 Inches 

Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V - 50Hz

Rated Power: 20W

This product is suitable for space with area 5m2

Hygroscopic Particles Color: Orange (Dry); Dark Green (Wet)


Package Includes :

1 xDehumidifier

1 xPower Cord